Explore 2007

This is me and Fearghal O’Nuallain outside the Royal Geographical Society just after the Explore Seminar back in 2007. Fearghal and his friend Simon Evans left Ireland in Novmeber 2008 to cycle around the world and are raising funds for Aware. Back at Explore I was still throwing around increasing ludicrous suggestions for expeditions which Simon and Fearghal instantly bought into, nodding enthusiastically instead of erupting into belly clutching laughter as many friends had done. I liked their attitude. But after sensibly dismissing ideas such as ‘Unicycle Earth’ and ‘Wheels Across Antartica’ I might be lagging a bit behind but maybe we’ll catch up en route. They’re currently somewhere in South America – and struggling with the Andean cuisine. There’s more information on their epic circumnavigation – the first by an Irish team – and a decent blog here. Have a butchers.


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