Climbing Mount Damavand, Iran

Last weekend me and 5 mates set out to conquer mount Damavand in Iran. Despite the cumulative effect of altitude sickness, sunburn, insomnia, exhaustion and being almost struck by lightning… I made it (although two friends had to heave my beleaguered frame the last 30 metres to the top). Now that my mock-inducing beetroot hue has faded, courtesy of factor 5 sun cream (I know, I know), I feel well and truly satisfied to have made it up and down the highest peak in the Middle East and the loftiest volcano in Asia. It’s summit lies at 5610m above sea level, a mere 200 odd metres off Kilimanjaro, and we were rewarded with some magnificant views from near the top…






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    Well done, kind of jalous though…. I've just started of training for the same monster. Planning to start at sealevel and conquer all the 5.610 meters in 24 hours and back. Mmmhh I would really love some advice and tips: would be lovely if you could help me out at zeba61 at Nice, realy nice tour of yoursd btw!


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