The Cycle Show

This weekend I visited Cycle 09 – the largest and highest profile bike related show in the UK. I saw this not just as an opportunity to learn more about the latest technology and innovations but to make some useful contacts and crucially to get some sponsors on board. So I donned my ‘Cycling The 6’ T shirt, rehearsed ‘the pitch’ and entered the Dragons Den. Reassuringly almost everyone I approached seemed receptive and genuinely interested in my journey if not in my appeal for sponsorship. A few, once they’d caught a glimpse of the wadge of leaflets I was clutching and the trademark ernest demeanor of an expedition enthusiast on the hunt for a sponsor suddenly looked a bit flustered and did their best to avoid me. Most manufacturers and distributors of bikes and bike-related products get a huge number of sponsorship requests, some several per day, so it was no surprise that I occasionally provoked this reaction.

I found Kevin Shannon at the show – Kevin leaves just after I do on a 3 year ride. It was good to exchange tips and advice. I also managed to see Jim Rees in action – Jim was attempting to cycle 1000 miles on an exercise bike during the 4 day show. I ended the day with a massage and watched some kids on BMXs perform some aerial heroics. As a direct result of conversations I had at the show I have secured another five sponsors so it was well worth the effort.


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