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I’m currently writing my first book which will focus on the final two years of the six year journey around the world by bicycle. The story takes place in twenty countries across Asia. I’m currently looking for a publisher.

It’s an adventure story. With a taste for rough trails and wild places, my route wandered through the hinterlands of the continent – from remote cloud forests in Myanmar to the steppe and Taiga of western Mongolia, from sequestered valleys of Chechen refugees in the Caucuses, to sneaking excursions into Afghanistan and Bhutan.

The book will  also explore the foundations of the global health gap and the bonds between marginalisation and disease.

En route I visited medical projects serving people on the edge of society: those physically separated from the mainstream by distance and hinterland. Those economically edged out, scraping by in slums and shanty towns. And those cast out because of sexual preference, social status, cultural identity, deforming and infectious disease – and these stories are stitched into the travelogue.

The quest to understand more about inequalities in health represented another journey, running synchronously with the physical one by bicycle. By travelling gradually I began to make sense of how health and disease can relate not just to wealth and lifestyle, but to the environment, traditions, beliefs, politics and migration.

The unifying theme of the book is ‘edges’: the physical edges of places, societal edges, figurative edges of the human world, pushing myself beyond my perceived edges in battles against exhaustion, loneliness, illness, uncomfortable self-reflection, extreme cold and the unfortunate habit of eating like an escaped prisoner of war.

If this sounds like a book you’d like to read, simply fill in the contact form, and I’ll be in touch nearer publication time (But be warned, it may not hit the shelves until 2019!).

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