A huge list of bicycle touring blogs is available at Go Bicycle Touring. For a list of the world’s most popular cycle touring blogs (calculated by Alexa, domain and page authority) check out Top 50 Cycle Touring Blogs (this one comes in at number 7).

At heart I’m a traveller who cycles, not a cyclist who travels. My favourite blogs then are not necessarily other biking blogs (some are) but instead travelogues that combine well-crafted and entertaining narrative with good photos and useful information. Strong, absorbing writing is key. Here are some blogs I dig…

Lizzie Goes
Olly Davy
Escape Artistes
Inside The Travel Lab
Into The World
Loretta Henderson (Skalatitude)
Moira Ashley
Three Rule Ride (Mike Roy)
Lifecycle (Rob Lutter)
Charlie Walker
Kate Harris (Cycling Silk)
The Adventure Blog
The Traveling Savage
Alistair Humpreys
Cass Gilbert (While out riding)
Eric and Amaya (worldbiking)
Alleykat (Cycling About)
Beit Heim
Mark Madsen

And some kick-ass cycle touring resources / route information / organised tours:

Andes by bike (and a great book)
On your bike (Lonely Planet thorn tree forum)
Warm Showers
Cycle Australia
Mad Dogs