Public Talks

I love story-telling. I’ve given presentations about my journey at a variety of events in countries around the world using award winning images and video to help tell my story. I’m also a regular at storytelling nights and festivals such as The Moth and Tellit. Please email me to make a booking. Here’s a full speaker profile with testimonials.

Some of my previous speaking engagements have included:

The Wilderness Lectures, Bristol
The Royal Geographical Society of Hong Kong
The Rotary Club of Vancouver
Basecamp Festival
Explore @ the RGS
The Cycle Touring Festival
The Adventure Travel Show
The British Chamber of Commerce, Jakarta
REI, California
Cape Storm, Cape Town
Data Dimensions, Singapore
The Explorer’s Club, Los Angeles
CycleMAYnia, Santa Barbara
Velocult, Portland
Alaska World Affairs Council
Alaska Pacific University
World Expeditions, Sydney
The Royal Geographical Society of Queensland
Oxford University Exploration Society
Explorers Connect, London
Kendall Mountain Festival Bike Night, Bristol

What event organisers have said…

‘Stephen is clearly a very experienced speaker – rousing laughs from the audience from the very outset. Alongside his incredible images of his journey, he took us around six continents in sixty minutes, from navigating the towering cliffs of Bolivia’s Death Road, to camping on the popping ice of Mongolia’s Lake Khovsgol, to crossing bridges crafted over 500 years from the roots of rubber trees, to being held at gunpoint in his tent in Peru. He spoke of the adversities and struggles he faced during the trip, and how he overcame them to complete his incredible six year adventure. I don’t think there have ever been so many questions after a talk, or so many people grinning, awestruck, not just saying that they were inspired to plan an adventure and travel, but actively beginning to work out how they might do so! If hearing about Stephen’s journey doesn’t change your perspective on the world, or make you want to go out and experience it for yourself, then nothing will.’

Helen Tatlow, President of Oxford University Exploration Society

‘Stephen made presentations to business forums, multi-national corporations and schools here in Indonesia. Stephen’s talks are extremely engaging, insightful and entertaining; on top of the extraordinary sights, sounds and tastes, six years on the road has given Stephen plenty of time for thoughtful reflection, musings and of course anecdotes!’

Simon McCrum, President Director, Willis Towers Watson, Jakarta

‘In this lecture, Stephen told the story of his audacious expedition to cycle around the six inhabited continents of the world over six years, one of the longest rides in history. In a finely illustrated lecture, Stephen told with humour of the extraordinary effort required, from mountains to jungles, and from terrorists to teens with snowballs, together with the experiences he encountered along the way. The lecture was much appreciated by all attendees, presenting a unique combination of real adventure and an exciting trip, which made it a special event for the Members. The number plus the quality of the questions, showed the level of interest.’

Rupert McCowan, Director Royal Geographical Society of Hong Kong.