I have a number of corporate sponsors who donate equipment for me to trial during the course of my journey across six continents. In return I offer product reviews, media coverage and more. I am always on the look out for high quality cycling products to test out. Please get in touch if your company is interested in becoming a corporate sponsor.

Why become a sponsor of Cycling The Six?
  1. Prolonged media coverage. Cycling The Six has the raw ingredients to stimulate public interest as I ride around the planet. As opposed to a summit attempt or a polar trek my journey takes place over six years – so equipment sponsors can expect to benefit from years of positive media exposure in print, on the radio, on television, and online. I’m also a published freelance travel writer with an ambition to contribute kit review pieces to magazines in the adventure travel sector.
  2. International visibility. The pure extent of the journey will be of relevance to companies who operate in and are keen to raise their profile inside the US, Australia, China, Japan or Europe.
  3. Public interest in expeditions and epic adventures is growing and with high quality photography, writing and video I work hard to communicate the story of my journey to a large online audience.
  4. Assurance. I communicate regularly with all corporate sponsors and endeavour to ensure that you are satisfied with the positive exposure you are receiving.
  5. Generate goodwill towards your brand. Demonstrate your company’s support for a high profile charity challenge in aid of a humanitarian cause and in doing so associating your brand with a unique expedition.
  6. Returns on investment by previous sponsors of expeditions like mine have been reported at 4:1.
  7. The upward momentum of the internet reflects a new era and almost all expenditure on traditional media is in decline. UK advertisers now spend more on the internet than on TV ads. When people visit the web for news they often do so in short bursts with little attention to ads. An expedition website and blog keeps people online and coming back… which translates into more exposure for corporate sponsors.
  8. There’s a package for you – whatever level of sponsorship you’re interested in. I’ve set out below some of the advertising and marketing opportunities I can offer in exchange for either equipment donation and postage or a financial donation which can be paid in installments over the duration of the journey.

Here are some specific offers I can make to potential corporate sponsors:

  • Positive exposure in printed media in national and international magazines and newspapers.
  • Tailor-made updates and articles for use in internal literature and external PR
  • A banner with link to company website on the cyclingthe6.com homepage
  • Mention in all press, radio and television interviews
  • Copies of all press releases and published articles
  • Product reviews on the Cycling The Six blog, crazyguyonabike and other forums
  • Mention in a Cycling The 6 short film upon completion of the journey
  • Corporate logo / branding on bike and clothing
  • Supply of promotional materials to illustrate involvement including digital images and an expedition report upon completion
  • Multimedia presentation to company employees upon completion
  • Inclusion of the company name in all press releases
  • Company info and links displayed on every page of the website
  • Authority to publicise your support of Cycling The 6 with unrestricted use of the project in advertising and promotional material
  • Corporate logo and brief description on all printed promotional material
  • Recognition of support and details of potential impact
  • A sense of pride!… for supporting a high profile solo journey across the globe in support of a pioneering humanitarian cause
  • Other rights negotiable

Join the team…

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