Europe (London to Istanbul)
1st pass: 5010 km / 4 months 2nd pass: est. 4000 km / 3½ months
The Middle East (Istanbul to Cairo)
3236 km / 2½ months
Africa (Cairo to Cape Town*)
14,969 km / 9 months
South America  (Ushuaia to Cartagena)
16,783 km / 12½ months
Central and North America  (Panama to Prudhoe Bay) 14,331 km / 9 months

Australia 4116 km / 3 months

Asia  (Indonesia, Singapore to India, Hong Kong to The Caucasus) 23,875 km / 21 months

* I spent three months in Cape Town, this was the only occasion I stayed in one place for any significant length of time during my journey.

Distance cycled 86,209 km (53,567 miles) over 6 years
Countries 75
Borders 102
Passports 3
 Journals 23
Unpaved distance 11,248 km
Top speed 78.9 km/hr (Paso Libertadores, Argentina)
Longest distance in one day 209 km (130 miles) – Namibia
Lowest point 423 m (1388 ft) below sea level (Dead Sea, Jordan)
Highest point 5119 m (16,795 ft) above sea level (Abra Loncopata, Peru)
Toughest climb Perhaps La Esperanza to Miran de Alto, Ecuador (2000 m continuous climb, average grade 8%, unpaved)
Lowest Temperature Minus 39°C, Mongolia
Highest Temperature 46°C (The Omo Valley, Ethiopia)
Highest wind speed 68 mph (Patagonia)
Books read 168
Most days without a break 20 (Patagonia)
Most days without a shower 11 (Africa)
Body weight – highest / lowest 80 kg (prior to departure) / 66 kg (Peru)
Other cycle tourers I met en route 534 (incl. 240 in Asia, 262 in the Americas)

Bike Bits

Bike Part Number
Punctures / Flats 221
Tyres 26
Longest distance on one tyre 15,793 km (Schwalbe Marathon Extreme)
Broken spokes 29
Inner Tubes 69
Chains 14
Pedals (sets) 10
Brake pads (sets) 20
Chainwheels (front and back) 5 and 4
Shifters 2
Rear Rohloff Hubs 5
Bottom Brackets 6
Cables (sets) 16
Racks (front and back) 3 and 3
Panniers – sets (front and back) 4 and 3
Rims (front and back) 3 and 2

My Bedrooms

Slept for free – 63% In my tent – 45% In people’s homes – 29%  (that includes family and friends, strangers who invite me in off the road or people I have contacted via travel networking websites like or

I have slept in a wide variety of less traditional bedrooms including, but not limited to, police stations, hospitals, schools, churches, monasteries, convents, army barracks, a crocodile farm, a water storage tank, a derelict castle, a mine and inside a shed with a water buffalo.


Total Cost of VISAs, departure taxes, registration, new passports: 1436 pounds (2026 dollars)
Cost of VISAs per continent:

Asia: 943 pounds Africa: 274 pounds The Americas: 39 pounds Australia / Europe: free

Monthly average spent on accommodation: 55 pounds
It’s difficult to say with accuracy how much I’ve spent on food, though this has easily been my biggest expense. Other significant costs include replacement parts for my bicycle and replacement equipment – tents, stoves, clothing etc.

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    Sweta Kandari


    short on words right now, but I have utmost respect and "you have inspired me" beyond what I can describe !!! I salute your spirit and will phew !!!! 6 years!! wow… I am 25 now and i am definitely pumped up !!! 🙂 🙂

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    Great summary! It is amazing what you are doing! And you're almost back home!

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    'In a shed with a water buffalo' just about sums up a world cycle Steve – classic. Mega congrats on this epic achievement. Very well done indeed!

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    Benjamin Hargis


    Wonderful post, just stumbled across your blog. Impressive stats too, it appears, like me, you are particularly hard on a bike. Best of luck in your finish and I look forward to more post!

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