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Hands up for health workers

Below is a video produced by the Merlin, the charity Cycling The 6 is raising funds for. It highlights the importance of their campaign ‘Hands up for Health Workers’. You’re more likely to die young – and from an entirely treatable and preventable disease – if you live in a country caught up in crisis. Merlin argues that more money should be spent supporting health workers on the ground now and training thousands more.

Once I found out about the campaign I was immediately grabbed by the importance of the problem Merlin were trying to highlight and address. According to the World Health Organisation a massive four million more health workers are needed in the developing world right now. There is clearly huge inequality in health care across the world and the chronic shortage of health care workers is crippling many parts of the developing world.

Money donated to Merlin can be used to help train health workers and this could have a genuinely long term impact. To make a donation please visit my justgiving page and pledge anything you can. Every penny goes directly to Merlin.

To find out more about the campaign visit this page.